Saturday, 5 November 2016

Red fruits lemonade with honey

   Recently my wife surprised me with another excelent application for honey: a delicious red fruits lemonade. It´s very easy to do, cheap, healthy and an excelent way to avoid refrigerants.
Here it is the recipy and the way to do it.

 Ingridients (for ~1.5 liters of lemonade):

-> 1 big lemon;
-> 125 g frozen red fruits;
->  Portuguese honey (as much as you want);
-> Water (1.5 liters);
-> 1 leaf of mint.

Start by placing the lemon juice inside the pitcher. Remove the seeds that may had fall into the pitcher,

After that, add the red fruits to the lemon juice.

Smash the red fruits grossly.

Add the best honey of the world ... the one produced by my bees.

At last decorate with the mint.

That´s it. Now it's only drink.

In the summer you may add some ice.

In my house it makes part of many meals.

This message was made by my entire family. I hope you try and like it. 
If you don't like, you know reason... you're using the wrong honey.

And that´s all for today.


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